Vampire Weekend Vinyl

As a band, Vampire Weekend is eclectic, unpredictable, unique, youthful, and nostalgic. They are known for their colorful branding and vintage imagery on many of their past albums. This album design is for a hypothetical album with some of their most popular songs from the past few years. The goal of this design is to combine nostalgic design witha more new-age appeal that mimics the sound of their music. 

Futura is Vampire Weekend’s signature font on all of their albums thus far, and this design is a continuation of this. “Step” is one of their most well-known songs and was hand drawn to mirror the nostalgic feeling in their music, taking inspiration from post-modernism’s curvy lettering. The pink helps the album to feel youthful and exciting, which contrasts the dark and somber tones that many alternative bands use in their branding. The duo-tone photograph furthers the nostalgic appeal of the album cover and promotes recognition of the band as a whole. On the inside, the handwritten approach is continued; various songs from the album are drawn with a photo of the band as a background.

Imagery used does not belong to Molly Peach.