Patsy's Cider

This label design incorporates pieces of my family history. My family name is Peach, and with that carries a lot. My fraternal grandmother Patsy (“Grandma Pat”) is someone who comes to mind quite often. She passed away from cancer when my dad was only 17 in 1985, yet growing up he would constantly tell stories about her. One recurring memory I have is my dad telling us about the flowers she planted in the backyard in the town of Owensboro, KY. For this design, a floral pattern was combined with fruit flavors to pay homage to my grandmother. 

This bottle design uses Southern influences of floral design, pastel colors, and rustic typography with a modern twist. The typography itself has a slight retro feel with the warped text, while also having a texture that creates a vintage mood. The pastel colors are reminiscent of the colors found on my grandmother’s belongings and artwork that I have rummaged through many times growing up; they provide a sense of unity between the bottles while also differentiating the flavors. The illustrations depict a few types of flowers including an illustration from the blooms of a fruit plant. The banner is a final touch that once again adds in a vintage element and has the color yellow to bring back memories of Grandma Pat’s giant yellow blooming flowers during the springtime.