Wedding Day Tips

If you’re reading this, chances are you’ve booked me and you’re in the thick of planning your wedding. Here are a few tips I have for smooth-sailing from here…


Florals are one of my favorite parts of weddings, and unfortunately can be really pricey. My biggest piece of advice is to start with your bouquet and go from there. Mini bouquets for bridesmaids are always a cool idea, and you can decorate tables with inexpensive greenery.

ceremony lighting

Ceremony lighting can make or break your photos. For the best light, I recommend seeking out a venue with natural light and planning your ceremony no earlier than 2 hours prior to sunset. I like to avoid using flash during the ceremony, as I find it distracting to guests, but if needed, I will.


The amount of rainy weddings I’ve shot is truly unreal. I live in Tennessee, so go figure. It’s 70 and sunny one day, and 40 and rainy the next. The ONE thing you cannot plan out is how the weather unfolds, and that’s totally fine. Your day will still be beautiful and I promise your photos will still be a perfect representation of the two of you. I search for covered porches, sneaky pockets of light, and any option I can to make sure your photos are just as magical as a perfectly sunny day. My biggest piece of advice is to never let the weather dictate your mood on your big day!

unplugged wedding

This part is TOTALLY up to you, but I love a good unplugged wedding, meaning no one using a giant iPad to take photos will be in your professional shots. Guests are always respectful of this, and your professional photos end up even better.

getting ready

Most importantly, as you’re prepping for the ceremony, stay calm! Seriously nothing can go so wrong that you won’t be getting married at the end of the day. Other than that, I do have a few tips.

  1. Keep your getting ready space clean if possible. You probably don’t want trash everywhere in your photos, and it also just makes things less stressful.

  2. Try to have your makeup artist place you in some nice window light, for both the sake of your makeup and my shots.

  3. Have FUN!


Send along your photo schedule to your family and wedding party. This way, everyone is on the same page on where to be when. Especially if you don’t have a day-of coordinator, this helps avoid things like “Where are the flowers?” and “Where’d grandpa go?”

have more questions?

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