Lunar Mission Everyone

I spent a summer in London with Lunar Mission Everyone on their Advanced Communications Team of fifteen other designers and creatives. Lunar Mission Everyone is a UK based company that plans to explore the contents of the moon, while also placing a time capsule on the moon in order to fund the mission. People from around the world will pay a small fee to have their memories included in this time capsule. A large part of the contribution for this mission will come from students. This collateral aims to connect with these students and encourage them to share their stories, while also promoting the brand. 

A large contribution to this project consisted of creating the style guidelines. I also worked alongside others to create material such as posters, deck presentations, business cards, t-shirts, and more. Lunar Mission Everyone has a previously established mascot, and the team during the summer of 2016 further expanded on the concept of “Archie,” the friendly robot that will help carry these stories to the moon. For the poster,  the moon is hand lettered with a story that Archie is taking to the moon. This will encourage others to participate. Other marketing collateral is kept simple and clean, sticking to the brand guidelines to successfully promote Lunar Mission Everyone.