Kitchen Wizard Campaign

Kitchen Wizard is an iPhone application that allows one to enter in ingredients they own and receive a recipe for those specific items in return. The target audience is healthy adults with families. A marketing concept, photography, and updated branding guidelines were included in this campaign in order to create a comprehensive brand image. A successful brand relies on messaging and visual identity that is both relevant and memorable. This campaign does so by providing Kitchen Wizard with consistent imagery and a simple catch phrase, while keeping the brand’s original identity elements such as the brand’s logo, fonts, and color scheme. 

The design of this campaign focuses on three components: bright imagery, simple typography, and a visual storyline. The imagery was shot in the same lighting for a consistent and bright mood. The foods used in the imagery include produce to enforce Kitchen Wizard’s healthy image. The images have plenty white space to allow room for the typography and logo to breathe. 

Kitchen Wizard’s brand guidelines use a simple san serif font, which conveys an honest, approachable message to the audience with its simplicity. The lowercase type insists a calm approach, while the bold catch phrase “You’ve got this” ensures the customer that he or she is perfectly capable of cooking meals just as Kitchen Wizard suggests. The visual storyline of this campaign is an extremely important aspect. By placing an image of the ingredients along with an image of the final product, the customer is able to immediately comprehend what Kitchen Wizard is enabling he or she to do with the app. This allows for an immediate connection with the brand and what it promise

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