Jade Typeface

This is a display typeface that draws its inspiration from the succulent known as Jade, or Crassula Ovata. The succulent has a free-form shape with stems that continue into differently sized lobes. The letterforms mimics these shapes to create a display typeface that is unique and also very reminiscent of the jade plant. 

Succulents are most commonly found in dry climates, particularly deserts. The typeface draws inspiration from the retro seventies vibes of desert surroundings found in areas such as Joshua Tree and Death Valley. There is both a nostalgic and creative feeling that one will notice when entering areas such as these. It feels as if the architecture and people are stuck in time a few decades back. Postmodern influences along with wild western style is deeply rooted in the desert culture. This retro feeling is mimicked with the hand drawn nature of the letters and its overall organic form.