Hang Ten Surf Wax Packaging

Hang Ten Surfwax is a brand that sells surf wax, a product used to prep surfboards before entering the water. The target audience for Hang Ten consists of surfers from their mid-teens to mid-thirties, so the design is youthful and incorporates an image of the ocean. Photography is an element not often found in packaging. An image will draw the customer in and create a more realistic experience, bringing the waves to them.

The aesthetics of this overall design are based on Southern Californiaโ€˜s surf culture. Waves are the priority of the target audience, as surfers are innately drawn to the ocean and its motion. The design incorporates colors found at a beach sunset: the tan of the sand, the orange of the sunset, and the deep teal of the water. These colors combined with eye-catching movement directs the eye to the logo, which uses a san-serif type paired with a hand written font for an authentic, beachy vibe.