Catalyst Wines

This project was created with a team of four fellow designers. We were tasked to create a package of wine that will educate and entice new wine drinkers. The audience is in the age range of mid twenties to early thirties and are transitioning from college parties to dinner parties. Catalyst’s name was born from researching the process of wine making. The catalyst in winemaking is the heat, just as one can be a catalyst of conversation among friends. This concept is continued with the use of innovative technology to create a wine experience that the consumer has never had before.

The bottles use paint that changes color upon reacting with heat. This reaction takes place when one touches the bottle. The logo design plays off of the heat reaction by using a thumbprint with a C in the middle. This fingerprint also ties together with the unique component that each person’s print has. The tagline of the brand is “Leave an impression.” This is a two-fold statement, both encouraging the viewer two leave an impression on those they encounter at the event they are attending, and also referencing the impression one can make on the color changing bottles. 

The packaging concept was created by Will Reynoldsand the mockup template was built by myself. The package allows one to carry it easily, using the handle in the front. It's stackable while also extremely unique in its form.