italy + greece | summer 2018

I called my mom about this time last year and said, “Hey, so I want to go to Italy and Greece, and I’ll go alone if you don’t want to come with me… but I think you should come with me.” Six months later we found ourselves on a flight to Rome. I wore a denim skirt, and that was the day I vowed to never wear another mini skirt on a plane ever again. It was also the day I realized how hot Italy is in the summer.

Rome consisted primarily of being drenched in sweat while chasing pizza with cold white wine. It was a bit toasty (have I mentioned it was hot?) and too busy with tourists for my liking, but its history and authenticity is obviously unmatched. I embarrassingly didn’t see the Coliseum (my mom’s already seen it), which I guess means I have to return.

We were only in the city for a day before moving onward to Praiano, a small town in Southwest Italy on the Amalfi Coast. I ate tomatoes and mozzarella for breakfast every day, and we stayed intrigued by the many olive and lemon trees that surrounded our hotel. The water off the Amalfi Coast is the most stunning color I’ve ever seen; photos hardly do it justice. My mom’s hat also was lost to sea for a few minutes off of the coast of Capri before the sweetest Italian man jumped in the water to rescue it. (See photos for reference.) And because food always reigns supreme, the most notable meal in Praiano was gnocchi from Trattoria Da Armandino. I still dream about it.

After 4 days on the coast of Italy, we moved along to Greece. Both Santorini and Mykonos were on the agenda, but Santorini was our favorite by far. Santorini paints a picture that doesn’t even translate through images. It’s unbeatable, in my opinion. Our second favorite meal was in Santorini at a small seafood spot called To Psaraki. I’d fly to the island again just for their goat cheese filo and ceviche. Greece was filled with sunshine, stunning views, and the kindest locals. Simple but perfect.

A 10-day mother-daughter trip will definitely bring out the best and worst in you. We laughed until we peed, fought a little here and there, complained about the heat (okay, mostly me), tried new foods, and walked until our feet were blistered. It was an unforgettable trip.