Sketch was one of many places in London that I was anxiously awaiting to experience, and it did not disappoint. I found out about the entirely blush pink restaurant initially from Design Love Fest's London Guide, along with my good friend Kendall's Instagram post about it. Based off of these two recommendations, I placed a reservation for a friend's birthday dinner with a couple of friends. Upon walking in we immediately fell in love with the light pink walls lined with sketches (ha get it?), the soft pink velvet chairs, and the overall elegant and modern interior.  And if the decor wasn't enough, the food was the best meal I experienced during my time in London; the Far From Vanilla cocktail and desserts were just a couple of the highlights. I would highly recommend this if you're visiting London. Whether it's afternoon tea or a fancy dinner you're searching for, the Pink Room at Sketch is the place to check out.