This trip consisted of sweating a lot, drinking margaritas, watching trashy reality TV, enjoying the company of family and friends, and wandering along 30A. This place brings back so many memories of past summers, so a trip here inevitably guarantees plenty nostalgia and shenanigans. And, of course, we topped off the trip with a few family beach photos to everyone's dismay. 


My friend Tori and I ran around Malibu and took some photos. Lesson learned: watching the sunset from the Santa Monica mountains is never a bad call. 


I recently got film developed from last year's trip to Yosemite. These photos are probably as close as one can get to actually experiencing the peace and beauty of this place without actually being there. It's an indescribable feeling that I crave often, and these photos allow a little piece of my favorite place to always be accessible. 


I've taken a break from shooting couples and weddings for a while, but decided to dust off my camera to photograph the engagement Derek and Caroline! It was pretty perfect. Here are some photos that capture the magic of the afternoon. 


I always love taking a long road trip towards the end of each semester. It's such a refreshing way to begin the holiday or summer break, and leaves me with fresh eyes and a fulfilled spirit. This time, my friend Gretchen and I drove to Page, Arizona to see the famous Horseshoe Bend and Antelope Canyon. I didn't take many photos, but here are a few from the trip!


For a long time I've eyed the toast that Lee Tilghman makes on her blog. She posts delicious recipes each day of smoothie bowls, tacos, veggie wraps, and more. I finally got around to trying her genius combo of caramelized bananas & peanut butter, and it is AMAZING. It's also ridiculously easy and quick to make. I sliced some bananas and placed them in a pan with cinnamon, a dash of maple syrup, and coconut oil and let them cook on medium for a few minutes on each side. Genius. Try this asap. Along with this combination, I added a few others to the mix. I made a simple radish, avo, and sea salt toast, an avocado, egg, and bell pepper toast, and a yogurt, fig, and cinnamon combo. For the base I used my favorite Udi's gluten-free bread that is about half the size of a regular loaf of bread. 




I traveled to London for most of July this summer. Several classmates and I spent three weeks working as a Communications Team for Lunar Mission Everyone, a program being launched by the UK Space Agency this fall. We created multiple items for the launch including business cards, posters, a style guide, and more. While not creating, we spent the time exploring the city! I'm in the process of making a short video of it, but for now, here's a compilation of some of my favorite snapshots of the trip. From an afternoon spent having a picnic in Kensington Gardens, walking the narrow alleyways of Oxford, and taking photos of every piece of detailed architecture I could find, it was definitely a trip to remember. 


Sketch was one of many places in London that I was anxiously awaiting to experience, and it did not disappoint. I found out about the entirely blush pink restaurant initially from Design Love Fest's London Guide, along with my good friend Kendall's Instagram post about it. Based off of these two recommendations, I placed a reservation for a friend's birthday dinner with a couple of friends. Upon walking in we immediately fell in love with the light pink walls lined with sketches (ha get it?), the soft pink velvet chairs, and the overall elegant and modern interior.  And if the decor wasn't enough, the food was the best meal I experienced during my time in London; the Far From Vanilla cocktail and desserts were just a couple of the highlights. I would highly recommend this if you're visiting London. Whether it's afternoon tea or a fancy dinner you're searching for, the Pink Room at Sketch is the place to check out. 


I had been hearing about Beauty Counter from a lot of my friends, so when the opportunity came to try the products out, I happily obliged. Beauty Counter has a never list, which I'm a big supporter of. I think it's important to monitor not only what goes in our bodies, but also on. All of their products are free of harmful ingredients and they have a priority of keeping skincare safe.

One thing I loved about these products is the fact that my skin felt fresh, clean, and moisturized after each use. A lot of face washes and moisturizers leave my skin either extremely dry or way too oily, but the Routine Clean face wash, along with the Every Day Hydrating Cream worked wonders. I have combination skin of oily/dry which makes finding products difficult, but after using these each day, my skin looked and felt great. 

I also really enjoyed the Gentle Exfoliator. I have sensitive skin but still try to exfoliate my skin a few times a week. This exfoliator left my skin feeling refreshed without that burning feeling that some exfoliant products result in. The Purifying Charcoal Mask was another product that I loved. I rarely put face masks on, but I'm familiar with the benefits of charcoal, so I was excited to try it out. I used it twice over the course of several days and feel like it really absorbed excess oil from my skin. Lastly, the Lustro Face Oil 3 left my skin feeling rejuvenated and thoroughly moisturized. I highly recommend it. 

Anyway, while these few products were some of my favorite, I really would recommend Beauty Counter to anyone. For high quality and safe skincare, it's worth every penny. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me. And visit my friend Debbie over at Beauty Counter if you're interested in checking out all that they have to offer!



My friend Gretchen and I took a trip to Yosemite the weekend before finals. Some life decisions seem so wrong but just feel really right. This was definitely one of those. Now that finals are over and summer is here (YES!), I can officially say neither of us regret this trip. Camping is my favorite. Early bed times, waking up to the sunrise, and hiking a TON make for a fulfilling and refreshing weekend. Not to mention Yosemite has some of the best views I've ever experienced. 


This afternoon we decided to go visit the Carlsbad flower fields, about an hour south of Orange. We arrived at 4:45, right before it closed at 5, and searched for a back entrance to avoid paying the fee. Unfortunately our attempt was totally unsuccessful and we gave in to the $15 entrance fee. Worth it? Yeah. 


The desert in Southern California is one of my favorite places. I actually don't know at this point how many times I've been. Joshua Tree has the ability to cure anything, I swear. When my roommate wanted to take her senior photos here, I happily obliged. Here are some of her photos, along with some of the crew just for good measure. 


I've been waiting to visit Big Sur for the past year and a half I've lived in California. My friend Will came to visit and we got the chance to meet up with two of our good friends and finally make a trip out there! We said about twenty times how the first night was one of the best days of our lives. 


Over the summer I photographed the workspace of my talented friend Will for a book he created. He builds beautifully crafted furniture made out of high quality wood. He recently built me a hanging table and triangle shelf for my room that both perfectly compliment my style. 


Here are some random happy highlights of 2015! I used to think happiness could be found in a place. The biggest lesson I have learned is that the people I'm with and my experiences with them far overpower where I physically am. That is such a valuable realization that I plan to keep in mind in the future. Happy New Year! 


My family went on our first cross country road trip while I documented each second. Realizing that this was likely one of our last adventures together for a while made it all the more sweet. Our destinations included Kansas City, Colorado, Utah, and Las Vegas. I slept about six hours per day in the car, my dad ate everything in sight, and my mom and brother laughed at us the entire time. I love these people.


So my room in my new house is by no means perfect or even that cool, but it feels so nice to have a space of my own. For the first time I'm able to decorate my room however I want and build something from nothing. For a creative person, it's such a good feeling! My room feels spacious (it's huge!), light, fresh, and welcoming. Just how I like it. The rad shelf was made by my good friend Will.